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Living Small Stones

Small Stones Cover PhotoFiona sent me a copy of her book, small stones: a year of moments. I enjoyed the book, and thought I’d write about how the book lived with me whilst I read it, and how I enjoyed the book.

Managing to get a few days off, I went to a place where two mountains meet the sea. A very similar place as described a “powerful place” by Master Dogen in the Mountains and Rivers Sutra. I was reading small stones, whilst I was writing about Compassion and Kannon.
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Awake in This Life

Awake in This Life
Michael McAlister
, of Infinite Smile, has just started a new website. It’s an interesting project in which the reader can continue their learning whilst engaging and communicating with the author. This comes on the tail of his new book, titled Awake in This Life.

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The Middle Way—Happenings

Inspired by a conversation, turned blog post with Albert, I’ve also decided to share with you what’s going on behind the scenes here, and also offer you, dear reader, an opportunity to help grow The Middle Way. If you’re interested in knowing more, or wanting to help, please contact me.
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The Breaking of Compassion

Kannon Journal EntryRecently I took the opportunity to go on a personal retreat for a few days. I went down to, Kiama, a very lovely place. For my retreat I packed a few books, my laptop, my camera, some incense, my Zafu and Zabuton, and in a last minute dash, I picked up my Kannon, purchased from the markets in Mount Tremper, near Zen Mountain Monastery. Continue reading ‘The Breaking of Compassion’

Yunmen’s “Sumeru”

The Case: A Monk asked Yunmen, “When not producing a single thought, is there any fault or not?”
Yunmen said, “Mount Sumeru.”

The Verse: Not producing a single thought—Mount Sumeru;
Yunmen’s gift of teaching is not stingy in intent.
If you come with acceptance, he imparts with both hands;
If you go on doubting, it’s so high you can’t get a hold.
The blue ocean is wide,
The white clouds are peaceful;
Don’t put so much as the tip of a hair in there.
A phony cock crow can hardly fool me—
I still won’t agree to let you pass through the gate in confusion.
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eSangha #13

eSangha LogoIt’s time to connect with the eSangha. Time to join and give thanks to those who have recently inspired me in some way.
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Multi Faceted Universe, Life

Multi Faceted Universe, LifeIn some texts, there is talk of ten dimensions, immeasurable kalpas, and Indra’s net. What are all these texts talking about? These are all trying to say we are an expression of life. That we are all living. Essentially by being, we are creating. We are the creation, and the creator.

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Book Review:Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate

Gardening at the Dragon’s GateAt Work in the Wild and Cultivated World. Wonderfully written by Wendy Johnson, a 30+ year monastic and head gardener from Green Gulch Farm Zen Centre. Wendy encourages us to enter the world of our physical and mental gardens.

Thich Nhat Hanh is quoted saying “Too many people distinguish between the inner work of our mind and the world outside. But these worlds are not separate. They belong to the same reality.” This reality is a non-repeating universe, “fresh and new every day”, as Wendy says.
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