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The Real Buddhism and Dharma

Kannon BodhisattvaThere’s been a few discussions around the blogsphere about The Real Buddhism and Dharma. TMcG, is a “middle way kinda girl”, and is for a “Buddhism more palatable for th(os)e ‘raised on’ MTV/McDonald’s/New Coke”.(The Other) Urban Monk, has “no interest in revamping Zen practice for the urban world.” Here I add my reply to (The Other) Urban Monk, siding with TMcG, quoting John Stuart Mill, Dogen, and Daido Roshi. Continue reading ‘The Real Buddhism and Dharma’

Discovering Connexions

WiresIt’s always a little bit scary meeting someone. At some level we hope they like us, or understand us. There’s always a little bit of risk, and that can even be fun for some. There’s also a really deep desire for us to be heard and connected with.
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How To Cook Your Life

How To Cook Your LifeLife has been described like rice, and the process of cooking it. The rice needs to go into the pressure cooker, it needs to sit and process for a while. Take it out too early and you’ve got nothing usable, leave it in too long and you’ve got mush. In the middle, is rice just, sitting. How to Cook Your Life is a new Zen influenced movie, told from the perspective of the Tenzo, or head chef, Edward Brown of Tassajara Zen Center.
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Living the 8 Fold Path

Dharma WheelThe Buddha’s first turning of the Dharma wheel was the Four Noble Truths. The fourth Noble Truth was that of a path out of suffering. This path, is the 8 fold path, which contains every aspect of life. This included thought, livelihood, speech, and, action; everything is covered.
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The Wisdom of Insecurity (Alan Watts)

Wisdom of InsecurityWhat is the use of planning to be able to eat next week unless I can really enjoy the meals when they come? If I am so busy planning how to eat next week that I cannot fully enjoy what I am eating now, I will be in the same predicament when next week’s meals become “now.”
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The Art of Meditation - Alan Watts

The person, who thinks all the time, has nothing to think about, except thoughts. And so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusion…Time to wake up..You see we all know what reality is, but we can not describe it….To get in touch there is an art of meditation….

Feature: Recommended Listening Page

Here is a few of my favorite Dharmacasts. These Dharmacasts range from Guided Meditations, Zen/Buddhist philosophies, Meditation Techniques/timers, and more. These talks are profound, yet accessible teachings; like Dharma itself. I also use the lists to invite and develop interest in others to the wonder of Dharma.

How to Align Yourself with The Path

Walking The Path of Liberation and Enlightenment requires a path on which to walk. Unless you set a direction for the path, you may not end up at your desired destination. Without direction, you may be walking into a path of thorns. In Zen Buddhism, the goal is to walk aimlessly, with a clear and set path.

The Path can be discussed; Walking is something that everyone must do themselves. The Path is described as the theory, the walking as the practical. “I can show you the door. But you must walk through it” is another way separating the path and walking it. The right path is something that is worked upon, to keep us clear from the thorns. Continue reading ‘How to Align Yourself with The Path’