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Happiness is for All Time, Not Just the Future

Laughing Buddha – MaitreyaWe get told to work hard for future happiness. When does this future happiness arrive? People work hard their whole lives, saving, so that they can have a good retirement. When we retire is when we’re meant to be relaxed and happy. This is the wool being pulled over our eyes. I feel that as a society, we’ve been brain washed to work, instead of enjoying our lives.
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Beyond Words and Phrases

Zen Master Dogen“Explanations of mind and explanations of the nature are not affirmed by the Buddhist patriarchs. Seeing the mind and seeing the nature is the animated activity of non-Buddhist. Staying in words and staying in phrases is not the speech of liberation. There is a state which has got free from states like these.” - Master Dogen, Shobogenzo, Sansuigyo

What is Dogen discussing here? ‘Not affirmed’? How does the speech of liberation sound? How does one access the states beyond Explaining and Seeing?
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Unlimited Reality

Unlimited RealityWhen we attack someone who wins? Does the winner really win? Attacking is like a mental poison. It creates a short circuit, reinforcing negative behaviour. From an economic point of view, limited resources of time, energy, and money are consumed. On what? So much potential is absorbed in defending an idea. How is this “winning”?
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Working with Ideas and Reality

Working with Ideas and RealityOften we mistake ideas as reality. As Michael McAlister reminds us, “The map is not the territory”. Through a practice such as meditation, when our mind becomes still, ideas become visible. We see outside of them, and their grip loosens. It’s at this place that we gain access to reality. There we realise our ideas are just that. Ideas. They are not facts or certainty, just one possible path. When we let go of ideas and concepts, we live in the moment and the world opens.
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Projecting, Reacting, Reflecting, Oh My!

Projecting, Reacting, Reflecting, Oh My!Most of life is spent transacting or exchanging. We trade our time and skills for money. We trade that money for goods and services. This style of exchange is also deep in our Ego and interactions with people. When communicating, we often engage in pushing or pulling, missing the real.
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Living with Time to Enjoy Life

Flower, Present MomentIn each moment we have the potential to be present, or to miss it. If we miss the moment, we never get it back, and when it happened we were essentially dead. Along the journey of evolution, we seemed to picked up the habit of not living in the moment, spending time either in the past, as memories, or in the future, as planning.
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Easing Suffering, Increasing Happiness

SurfingWhen we enter into our Emotions, we grow and reinforce them. By this, we bind our happiness to fleeting moments, and in the case of negative emotions, we self-inflict pain. Continue reading ‘Easing Suffering, Increasing Happiness’

Opening Up

DaisyWhen we Communicate and Connect with others, a miraculous thing happen. We begin to open up, and as a result we feel lighter and happier. By opening up, we feel more connected and develop a greater appreciate with the universe. We begin to see beauty, diversity, and expansiveness everywhere, in ‘things’ as they are, meeting ‘them’ and accepting ‘them’, always growing and expanding.
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