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Living Small Stones

Small Stones Cover PhotoFiona sent me a copy of her book, small stones: a year of moments. I enjoyed the book, and thought I’d write about how the book lived with me whilst I read it, and how I enjoyed the book.

Managing to get a few days off, I went to a place where two mountains meet the sea. A very similar place as described a “powerful place” by Master Dogen in the Mountains and Rivers Sutra. I was reading small stones, whilst I was writing about Compassion and Kannon.
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Awake in This Life

Awake in This Life
Michael McAlister
, of Infinite Smile, has just started a new website. It’s an interesting project in which the reader can continue their learning whilst engaging and communicating with the author. This comes on the tail of his new book, titled Awake in This Life.

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Yunmen’s “Sumeru”

The Case: A Monk asked Yunmen, “When not producing a single thought, is there any fault or not?”
Yunmen said, “Mount Sumeru.”

The Verse: Not producing a single thought—Mount Sumeru;
Yunmen’s gift of teaching is not stingy in intent.
If you come with acceptance, he imparts with both hands;
If you go on doubting, it’s so high you can’t get a hold.
The blue ocean is wide,
The white clouds are peaceful;
Don’t put so much as the tip of a hair in there.
A phony cock crow can hardly fool me—
I still won’t agree to let you pass through the gate in confusion.
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eSangha #13

eSangha LogoIt’s time to connect with the eSangha. Time to join and give thanks to those who have recently inspired me in some way.
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8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness

Developing MindfulnessBringing mindfulness into the world can be challenging. We can, however, turn the world into a place of practice. Each moment we live is a chance to be mindful and present, never to be repeated again. Developing mindfulness is important to help us live presently in life. Here we look at a few personal and reader tips that have helped us view the Big Blue Room as a place of practice and mindfulness.
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eSangha #12

eSangha Logo It’s time to connect with the eSangha. Time to join and give thanks to those who have recently inspired me in some way. With the Spread the Love Now Project, I’ve found a lot of new blogs, it’s a very exciting time.
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Compassion, Receiving as Giving

Kannon BodhisattvaI’ve been so touched with all the love being shared in the Spread The Love NOW! Group Writing Project, that I felt I should share a compassionate act that happened to me recently. The Situation; I’d just gotten out of hospital and was back at the monastery, still wasn’t eating, and was very dehydrated. I was constantly dizzy, but I still had my pride.
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Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project

Spread the Love NOW!

The Three Monks present Spread the Love NOW!

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a time for love, and a time to spread some Christmas loving cheer. Read on to see how you can participate, have some fun and be in the run to win a prize value of ~US$50, along with some really beautiful stories shared.

All you have to do is to write something on compassion. It could be anything you want, for example your definition of compassion. Still, in the spirit of Christmas, extra points will be awarded if there is a personal touch – because we want to connect in compassion.

Some ideas could be what you have done or will do for someone. Or perhaps the best kindness anyone has ever shown you.
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