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Presence, Acceptance, Impermanence

Laughing Buddha – MaitreyaThings happen. Time Passes by. Attaching to an idea or concept, we trap ourselves. Mind is it’s own trap when fed. The acceptance of the present, fully, may bring suffering. The four noble truths. Karma. When letting go and coming to be, Karma comes back. How can it not? We can deny literally anything. It doesn’t make it true.

Not going to the dentist caused my teeth to suffer. Denying my own pain, pushing away my reality, my karma was a root canal. This is not mystical. Our entire lives are like this. Really, intent is what matters. It’s through our intent we become.

In this place we drop humanity’s concept of time. We become realized the second we see. The myriad of teaching all point to one thing—to be here. Accept the entirety of being, not just ego or consciousness as  boundaries. We are impermanent, we have finite time, our obligation, humbly to all beings. We are not the first nor the last. This beautiful web. Back to Presence. Where we are we should fully be. It’s the only real place.

Your Thoughts: A Buddhist Response to the Economic Crisis

The current global economic crisis is easily understood through a Buddhist framework. The institutions saw the world as self and other. They saw, and see, it as something to “win”. They focused on Profits and the Trickle Down Theory of economics.

Buddhism teaches us about no self, no other. It teaches us that the “I” thing we grasp isn’t real. It opens us to the world of interconnectedness and interrelatedness. That’s all well and good but the thing is, we’re here now.
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Keep Sitting

Manjusri, Keep SittingSitting is hard. Sometimes you feel good, but often you feel a little stiff or sore. You don’t notice how it affects your life. You get busy. Stuff comes up. Somehow daily sitting becomes less of a priority. Somewhere along the line you pick up the saying that “a few moments of mindfulness each day is good enough”. “Good Enough” is different to “Good”. We need to Keep Sitting.
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Awake in This Life

Awake in This Life
Michael McAlister
, of Infinite Smile, has just started a new website. It’s an interesting project in which the reader can continue their learning whilst engaging and communicating with the author. This comes on the tail of his new book, titled Awake in This Life.

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The Middle Way—Happenings

Inspired by a conversation, turned blog post with Albert, I’ve also decided to share with you what’s going on behind the scenes here, and also offer you, dear reader, an opportunity to help grow The Middle Way. If you’re interested in knowing more, or wanting to help, please contact me.
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The Breaking of Compassion

Kannon Journal EntryRecently I took the opportunity to go on a personal retreat for a few days. I went down to, Kiama, a very lovely place. For my retreat I packed a few books, my laptop, my camera, some incense, my Zafu and Zabuton, and in a last minute dash, I picked up my Kannon, purchased from the markets in Mount Tremper, near Zen Mountain Monastery. Continue reading ‘The Breaking of Compassion’

Mystical Perception

Mystical PerceptionThe mystical perception (which is only “mystical” if reality is limited to what can be measured by the intellect and senses) is remarkably consistent in all ages and all places, East and West, a point that has not been ignored by modern science. The physicist seeks to understand reality, while the mystic is trained to experience it directly. Both agree that human mechanisms of perception, stunted as they are by screens of social training that close out all but the practical elements in the sensory barrage, give a very limited picture of existence, which certainly transcends mere physical evidence. Continue reading ‘Mystical Perception’

Unlimited Reality

Unlimited RealityWhen we attack someone who wins? Does the winner really win? Attacking is like a mental poison. It creates a short circuit, reinforcing negative behaviour. From an economic point of view, limited resources of time, energy, and money are consumed. On what? So much potential is absorbed in defending an idea. How is this “winning”?
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