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Presence, Acceptance, Impermanence

Laughing Buddha – MaitreyaThings happen. Time Passes by. Attaching to an idea or concept, we trap ourselves. Mind is it’s own trap when fed. The acceptance of the present, fully, may bring suffering. The four noble truths. Karma. When letting go and coming to be, Karma comes back. How can it not? We can deny literally anything. It doesn’t make it true.

Not going to the dentist caused my teeth to suffer. Denying my own pain, pushing away my reality, my karma was a root canal. This is not mystical. Our entire lives are like this. Really, intent is what matters. It’s through our intent we become.

In this place we drop humanity’s concept of time. We become realized the second we see. The myriad of teaching all point to one thing—to be here. Accept the entirety of being, not just ego or consciousness as  boundaries. We are impermanent, we have finite time, our obligation, humbly to all beings. We are not the first nor the last. This beautiful web. Back to Presence. Where we are we should fully be. It’s the only real place.

8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness

Developing MindfulnessBringing mindfulness into the world can be challenging. We can, however, turn the world into a place of practice. Each moment we live is a chance to be mindful and present, never to be repeated again. Developing mindfulness is important to help us live presently in life. Here we look at a few personal and reader tips that have helped us view the Big Blue Room as a place of practice and mindfulness.
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Studying the Self

Studying the Self

To study the Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things of the universe

How does this work? Studying the self is to forget the self? This quote is one of the most common Dogen, and Zen quotes. But what does it mean? What is it saying? What’s it pointing to?
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Let Go!

Letting GoWhat are you holding onto? Where are you stuck? What’s keeping you from moving forwards? These questions continually help me find out what’s going on, and break through. It may seem a bit odd asking yourself questions, but funnily enough, you know what you need deep down, and the answer is usually pretty surprising.
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Coming Back to Memories

Coming Back to MemoriesLife is filled with experiences. These experiences, regardless of good or bad, are stored as memories in the mind and body. Sometimes we ‘access’ memories to reply them, or to evoke certain states. We also ‘keep away’ other memories that we don’t want to process fully for some reason or another.
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I Breathe, Mountains are Mountains

Zen Mountain Monastery, Looking up Mt TremperD.T. Suzuki was quoted as saying that “before studying Zen, mountains are mountains. While studying Zen, things become confused. After studying Zen, mountains are mountains.” This was one of the first Zen sayings I heard, and it continues to resound in me.
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Discovering Connexions

WiresIt’s always a little bit scary meeting someone. At some level we hope they like us, or understand us. There’s always a little bit of risk, and that can even be fun for some. There’s also a really deep desire for us to be heard and connected with.
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Twist of the schedule

ScheduleWhen looking at coming on a retreat, there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation about how things will go. Talk of how good the meditations will be, talk of waking up early, really doing the work, and of course talk of really becoming enlightened.
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