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Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts: They become your words.
Watch your words: They become your actions.
Watch your actions: They become your habits.
Watch your habits: They become your character.
Watch your character: It becomes your destiny.

(randomly e-mailed to me from Change your Mind, Change the World. A message that needs to be shared.)

EDIT:Originally by Frank Outlaw, Thanks Beth
EDIT:It appears that no one really knows who came up with this. I’m with JD, it’s what the message is point to which is most important here.

The Power of Silence

Visualize you’re sitting in a noisy cafe. People are chattering, there’s music playing, the staff are busy taking orders, and the kitchen’s cooking. All of a sudden the music stops along with everything else stop. A beautiful silence begins. This silence is natural and unforced, no one wants to talk, everyone is apart of this nothingness. The peace, power, and beauty nourish and fill your soul. And then, the music starts up again and everyone begins talking again.
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Thoughtful Linking 6

To start things off this round we’re going to look at “the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero“.

Why Workplace Happiness is Important

Careers staff have been saying it for years “do what you love“. Doing what you love makes you happy, and being happy in the work place is important.
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Tools to Convert Your Phone into a Walking Practice Machine

Being present in the digital age can be a hard task. There are many distractions and alarms fighting against the peaceful nature of consciousness. Two weeks ago, I took steps and converted my phone into a mindfulness reminder.

In this time, my attitude towards my phone, the callers and all it’s bells and whistles has changed dramatically. When the phone rings, regardless of the caller, I take a peaceful breath, smile and answer calmly. Some great conversations have come about from this peaceful attitude. When looking at my phone, I smile; I see a pray wheel. When my alarm wakes me up, it’s now a loving, warm chant.

If you would like to convert your phone into a tool of mindfulness, below are the tools:-
Alarms become Om Mani Padme Hum Chant
Phone calls become Mindfulness Chimes
The background becomes a Pray Wheel
Update: Here’s a larger Prayer Wheel. (Prayer Wheels from

Enjoy, and may they bring you the peace and happiness they’ve brought to me.


Diverse, Chaotic, Life
Seemingly Unrelated
It moves, all the same

Whilst sitting outside the pool this afternoon, observing my inside and outside worlds, this haiku manifested itself to me.

How To Attain ‘The Unmoving Mind’

“The Unmoving Mind is characterized by a firmness and lack of vacillation that’s derived from confidence and inner strength. In the face of disruption, the Mind remains sure and stable, undisturbed by distraction and obstructions. Founded on an inalterable certitude, it remains steady in the midst of constant change. Facing high stakes and great doubts, there is no force that can budge its commitment to principles.

However, the Unmoving Mind is by no means rigid. The Mind is reflective and neutral. It adapts the reclusive, transcendental path of the Hermit that roots out the weeds of bias by removing personal interest or gain. The Hermit, or solitary artist, ascetic, or pilgrim who renounces worldly attachments in search of spiritual truth, is willing to give up all pursuits based on desire and attachment. Standing back and detached from emotions, he looks objectively at the world from a thoroughly impartial standpoint.” (quote from White Collar Zen)

Documentaries on Buddhism

Below are two documentaries, from National Geographic and BBC on Buddhism. Both show stunning depth and details of the practice. In an odd way, both videos also conveyed a feeling peace whilst watching them.

National.Geographic;Light At The Edge Of The World:Himalayas Science Of The Mind

The Mindful Way