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Opening Up

DaisyWhen we Communicate and Connect with others, a miraculous thing happen. We begin to open up, and as a result we feel lighter and happier. By opening up, we feel more connected and develop a greater appreciate with the universe. We begin to see beauty, diversity, and expansiveness everywhere, in ‘things’ as they are, meeting ‘them’ and accepting ‘them’, always growing and expanding.
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Profiling; Thought-of-the-Week

Charity Focus; Thought of the Week
Thought of the week is a free newsletter that delivers powerful, diverse, and thought-enhancing e-mails weekly.
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Extinguishing Anger’s Fire

ExtinguishedIf you get Angry often, you develop a habit of Anger. Negative emotions and habits, are like thieves of happiness; they should be caught and stopped as quickly as possible.
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Your Personal Meditation Guide; The Five Faculties

SamadhiThe Buddha spoke of The Five Faculties as trackable mental factors to aid in liberation.

These qualities can be developed, tracked and, tuned to your meditation practices. When developed, they are able to keep negative states from arising, allowing for your practice to develop and deepen with ease.
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What’s your Intention?

PositiveYour intention is your direction. How do you have your intention set? Is it looking and promoting positive qualities, or is it pointing out negative qualities?

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To-Do? Offtopic, Human Nature

Sometimes it takes something really oversized to remind us of our human nature….As off-topic as this is; I couldn’t help but smile and share….(via swissmiss)
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