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Between Doubt and Faith - Greg, Meeting It Everywhere

This guest post comes with thanks from Greg at Meeting It Everywhere.

“When there is a great doubt, there is great awakening; small doubt, small awakening; no doubt, no awakening” - Chan Saying

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Retreating, to Advance

Enso CircleA few months ago I decided I was going to attend a month long retreat. Flying from Australia, this weekend I start a month long retreat program at Zen Mountain Monastery, followed by a week off, then a few more weeks at San Francisco Zen Center.
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eSangha #10

eSangha LogoIn this round of the eSangha, we investigate articles on a diverse range of topics. Including a real-world projects on non-harm, Love, faces of meditation, and mental stories.
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Entering into the source of Negative Emotions

Tao of NatureWe investigate how both Zen and Judo contain the same practice, and how this will help to end your negative emotions.
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Investigating the Stages of Enlightenment

Lotus - EnlightenmentEnlightenment is often described as reaching the shores of Nirvana. Buddhist and Zen Masters have mapped the journey of Enlightenment calling it “Arriving” and “Returning”. This mapping avoids collecting attributes and goals- it looks at how Truth and Enlightenment are experienced. Continue reading ‘Investigating the Stages of Enlightenment’