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Transforming Poison into Happiness

Drops in DropsThe Three Poisons of Greed, Anger, and Delusion are the source of all illusions and desires. These poisons keep us one step away from happiness, always moving us away from reality. What is the common root of all three poisons, and how can we transform them into happiness? Continue reading ‘Transforming Poison into Happiness’

Be Come Ing

To be real. To be authentic.
To not project. To not attach.
To come from the heart.
To live from the place of trust.
To not think, to not want,
to go with, to ride life.
Be Come Ing. (Written in transit from Zen Mountain Monastery)

How You Can Activate Kick-ass Compassion

CompassionThere’s 2 kinds of compassion, idiot compassion and kick ass compassion. The only difference between them, is the root of where it’s coming from. Common compassion, is usually idiot compassion, a scary thought. Let’s look at the differences, and how to develop Kick-ass compassion.
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Living the 8 Fold Path

Dharma WheelThe Buddha’s first turning of the Dharma wheel was the Four Noble Truths. The fourth Noble Truth was that of a path out of suffering. This path, is the 8 fold path, which contains every aspect of life. This included thought, livelihood, speech, and, action; everything is covered.
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Absolute, Relative, and Enlightenment

Two Arrows Mid-AirAbsolute, Relative, and Enlightenment are illuminated, and their inter-relations displayed in Great Master Dogen’s Kannon fascicle. It invites us to “examine both the imagining of night from [the perspective of] the day, and the time when it is night as night. You should examine this completely, [considering] time that is neither day or night.” What does all this mean, and what does it have to do with the subject.
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Learning Kindness - James, The Buddhist Blog

This guest post comes with thanks from James at The Buddhist Blog.

Before I was a year old, I contracted polio. Now I am fifty-nine and wear two different-sized shoes, which are clunky, lace up, and have small heels. These are my Dharma sisters. Without them I cannot walk. Entering a Dharma hall requires skill. Amid the shoes left outside, I clear a space to balance while I change into indoor shoes, which are also clunky and must be laced up. Then I bow to the Buddha, and walking mindfully so as not to clomp on the wooden floor, I find a cushion. I slip my shoes into a Kuan Yin bag and I meditate. Continue reading ‘Learning Kindness - James, The Buddhist Blog’

Dongshan’s No Grass

KoanMove, and your bury your body ten thousand feet deep;
don’t move and sprouts grow right where you are.
You must cast off both sides and let the middle go;
then you must buy some sandals and travel some more before you’ll really attain realization.
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Self Illumination - Nick Smith, Life2.0

This guest post comes with thanks from Nick Smith at Life2.0.Self Illumination
Once we get a glimpse of our true nature and a glimpse of what it’s like to have a free untroubled mind, there’s an incredibly strong tendency to do battle with our dark side — to wage war against any troublesome thoughts or recurring angst that keeps us from the peace and fulfillment we’ve tasted and seek in our lives. Or, as some would put, to pursue a path of enlightenment. Continue reading ‘Self Illumination - Nick Smith, Life2.0′