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Coming Back to Memories

Coming Back to MemoriesLife is filled with experiences. These experiences, regardless of good or bad, are stored as memories in the mind and body. Sometimes we ‘access’ memories to reply them, or to evoke certain states. We also ‘keep away’ other memories that we don’t want to process fully for some reason or another.
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eSangha #12

eSangha Logo It’s time to connect with the eSangha. Time to join and give thanks to those who have recently inspired me in some way. With the Spread the Love Now Project, I’ve found a lot of new blogs, it’s a very exciting time.
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The Sound, Before Hearing

Vajra, BellSound can play an important role in our practice. Sound, as a device of the way, is used in many texts. “Kyogen realized the Way when he heard the sound of a tile hitting bamboo.” It was this concept alluded to by one of our readers’, Cedric that started my recent investigation with sound. What’s also interesting with sound, is the non-sound, and non-identification that comes, both with and without the sound.
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I Breathe, Mountains are Mountains

Zen Mountain Monastery, Looking up Mt TremperD.T. Suzuki was quoted as saying that “before studying Zen, mountains are mountains. While studying Zen, things become confused. After studying Zen, mountains are mountains.” This was one of the first Zen sayings I heard, and it continues to resound in me.
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Bowing to a Statue?

Bowing to BuddhaIn Zen Buddhism there’s a lot of bowing. The idea of bowing to an image, idol, or godhead, to many brings up a lot of resistance and hesitation. When bowing, however, you aren’t bowing to a Thing. You bow to yourself, the world, the ideas, the concepts, nothing fixed.
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Compassion, Receiving as Giving

Kannon BodhisattvaI’ve been so touched with all the love being shared in the Spread The Love NOW! Group Writing Project, that I felt I should share a compassionate act that happened to me recently. The Situation; I’d just gotten out of hospital and was back at the monastery, still wasn’t eating, and was very dehydrated. I was constantly dizzy, but I still had my pride.
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Coming to Reality with Dishes

Dishes, SFZCMaster Dogen, said “Cooking a meal and washing the dishes are none other than the activity of the marvelous mind of nirvana”. Many times I’ve washed dishes and prepared food, never quite understanding how this ‘nirvana’. I’ve even tried being ‘Zen-Like’, washing dishes. Trying, of course, is something other than what is, so I never got it. With thanks to a video by Alan Watts (embedded below), I now see reality through washing dishes.
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