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Studying the Self

Studying the Self

To study the Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things of the universe

How does this work? Studying the self is to forget the self? This quote is one of the most common Dogen, and Zen quotes. But what does it mean? What is it saying? What’s it pointing to?
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Let Go!

Letting GoWhat are you holding onto? Where are you stuck? What’s keeping you from moving forwards? These questions continually help me find out what’s going on, and break through. It may seem a bit odd asking yourself questions, but funnily enough, you know what you need deep down, and the answer is usually pretty surprising.
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Walking to Enlightenment

Walking to Enlightenment, Walking MeditationWalking meditation plays an important role. We can use it as a mindfulness bridge, linking our sitting practice to our active, waking life. Sometimes it’s hard to move from mindfulness of sitting and bring it into the active world. Walking meditation is an active form of practice, reflecting how we live in the world. It allows us to move from the cushion and remain tapped into mindfulness. To have an active practice helps develop both our sitting and worldly mindfulness. In truth, they are different sides of the same coin.
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Mindfulness as a Root

Master DogenWe are like trees, with our roots grounding us in mindfulness. We are nourished, we grow, we develop personality, all by being and continuing to keep our roots in the ground of mindfulness. Mindfulness as a root is one of the Five Roots which is covered by Great Master Dogen. We investigate in detail what’s said about Mindfulness as a Root, and overview the roots.
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