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Reader Help:Your Meditation Questions

Help WantedI would like your help. I would like to tap into each of your personal experiences, your wisdom. In a few weeks I will be presentation a talk on Meditation to a room full of smart people who most probably haven’t thought about meditating before. I would like your help with what questions should I be trying to answer? What questions, did you have before/when you started meditating?
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Book Review:Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate

Gardening at the Dragon’s GateAt Work in the Wild and Cultivated World. Wonderfully written by Wendy Johnson, a 30+ year monastic and head gardener from Green Gulch Farm Zen Centre. Wendy encourages us to enter the world of our physical and mental gardens.

Thich Nhat Hanh is quoted saying “Too many people distinguish between the inner work of our mind and the world outside. But these worlds are not separate. They belong to the same reality.” This reality is a non-repeating universe, “fresh and new every day”, as Wendy says.
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Projecting, Reacting, Reflecting, Oh My!

Projecting, Reacting, Reflecting, Oh My!Most of life is spent transacting or exchanging. We trade our time and skills for money. We trade that money for goods and services. This style of exchange is also deep in our Ego and interactions with people. When communicating, we often engage in pushing or pulling, missing the real.
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Site Updates

Update, OrderedOver the past week or so, a new feature’s been launched, there’s been an update to the Meditation Timers, and for now, an Editor’s stepped on board. After the jump, embedded, is also one of my favourite Watt’s clips looking at the two kinds of people, Prickles and Goo, and the middle way of reality. Continue reading ‘Site Updates’

The Real Buddhism and Dharma

Kannon BodhisattvaThere’s been a few discussions around the blogsphere about The Real Buddhism and Dharma. TMcG, is a “middle way kinda girl”, and is for a “Buddhism more palatable for th(os)e ‘raised on’ MTV/McDonald’s/New Coke”.(The Other) Urban Monk, has “no interest in revamping Zen practice for the urban world.” Here I add my reply to (The Other) Urban Monk, siding with TMcG, quoting John Stuart Mill, Dogen, and Daido Roshi. Continue reading ‘The Real Buddhism and Dharma’

8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness

Developing MindfulnessBringing mindfulness into the world can be challenging. We can, however, turn the world into a place of practice. Each moment we live is a chance to be mindful and present, never to be repeated again. Developing mindfulness is important to help us live presently in life. Here we look at a few personal and reader tips that have helped us view the Big Blue Room as a place of practice and mindfulness.
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