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Mystical Perception

Mystical PerceptionThe mystical perception (which is only “mystical” if reality is limited to what can be measured by the intellect and senses) is remarkably consistent in all ages and all places, East and West, a point that has not been ignored by modern science. The physicist seeks to understand reality, while the mystic is trained to experience it directly. Both agree that human mechanisms of perception, stunted as they are by screens of social training that close out all but the practical elements in the sensory barrage, give a very limited picture of existence, which certainly transcends mere physical evidence. Continue reading ‘Mystical Perception’

Using a Mala

Using a MalaMalas can be a rewarding form of meditation. I remember back to this time last year when I was investigating using a Mala in my practice. Now, after a year of active use, I feel able to give feedback from my experience. The short answer? Get one!
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