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Awake in This Life

Awake in This Life
Michael McAlister
, of Infinite Smile, has just started a new website. It’s an interesting project in which the reader can continue their learning whilst engaging and communicating with the author. This comes on the tail of his new book, titled Awake in This Life.

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The Middle Way—Happenings

Inspired by a conversation, turned blog post with Albert, I’ve also decided to share with you what’s going on behind the scenes here, and also offer you, dear reader, an opportunity to help grow The Middle Way. If you’re interested in knowing more, or wanting to help, please contact me.
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The Breaking of Compassion

Kannon Journal EntryRecently I took the opportunity to go on a personal retreat for a few days. I went down to, Kiama, a very lovely place. For my retreat I packed a few books, my laptop, my camera, some incense, my Zafu and Zabuton, and in a last minute dash, I picked up my Kannon, purchased from the markets in Mount Tremper, near Zen Mountain Monastery. Continue reading ‘The Breaking of Compassion’