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Small Stones Cover PhotoFiona sent me a copy of her book, small stones: a year of moments. I enjoyed the book, and thought I’d write about how the book lived with me whilst I read it, and how I enjoyed the book.

Managing to get a few days off, I went to a place where two mountains meet the sea. A very similar place as described a “powerful place” by Master Dogen in the Mountains and Rivers Sutra. I was reading small stones, whilst I was writing about Compassion and Kannon.

I went and sat by the water, and felt the sun dance at my feet, whilst the water danced with my ears. Sitting here, I begin reading, and immedietly find myself right into the heart of things. Nothing is left out from this very first stone. Opening with “The sun sag…scenting the water with citrus”, very pretty.

We are reminded to learn lessons from a young 11-month old saying “Look!”. She knows the way to reality that we loose from time to time. Each month of the year is a chapter, and each stone in a month has both an individual, but also linked feeling. Each stone feels like part of a whole, a garden of stones.

I drifted through the book over the next few hours, reflecting on each stone for at least a moment. I sat happily reading, whilst sipping tea and burning incense. All the while I had the Sun’s company and warmth, and I also enjoyed the water’s musical patterns.

Reaching near the end of December, it clicks on me that the books about to end, and that I’ll be done with the small stones. And all too soon, a “blackbird on bare branches, his beak a chip of flame”. comes on by, and takes the stone it’s written on.

Again, I thank Fiona for the copy of the book, and I hope you go check out her site for more info on the book.

Note, I do not intended in making The Middle Way a reviews only site, but I do support those in the community who have something they would like to share with the rest of the community. I generally donate whatever I get after I’m finished to charity, or it’s passed on to someone else. I have a post on Living the Precepts almost written up. It looks at living in the world, and living with the precepts. May all beings be happy. Gassho

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  1. 1 Terry

    Love you unconditional

  2. 2 Wade

    Thank you Terry. It’s nice to know that.

    If you would like to check out some form of art that Dharma is coming out of me through, check out

    I’m still planning on writing more here. I’m engaged living the Dharma more so than reflecting upon it at the moment. My practice is active and fruitful.

    May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be blessed by the Dharma.



  3. 3 Liara Covert

    talk of stones reminds me of the film, “Something’s Gotta Give” with Jack Nicholson. I recall how his female friend collected stones as she walked along the beach. She collected mostly white stones and put them in a jar with one black stone and gave it to Jack. Colors all have symbolism and so do gestures of gifts. Some people associate black with anger and fear and white with peace, rest and reflection. In transcendental Buddhist thinking, white is often seen to transform the delusion of ignorance into the wisdom of reality

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