Visualizing Karma - The Domino Effect

Domino Effect - KarmaKarma is often hard to understand, and leads many to doubt it’s existent in life. When something is visualized it becomes more real. I found this western image/explanation for karma in Rick’s presentation(click to view larger).

Many people, as in the picture, act in the now, without regard for future consequences. Karma, however, is lived in the present. The last domino may take a day/hour or week to actually hit you, which is the effect of pushing the first. The decision to push the first domino over is actually the karma(action). The action(karma) or cause is linked to the effect, and in this way, you are always living your karma.

This is why right thought, right action and the eight foldpath are so practical. Unskilled thought, unskilled action can be seen working in the below diagram. Buddhism, and the path are not about addressing the effects, they are about the cause and intention. They are about making empowering decisions, not de-powering.

Workplaces are generally filled with unskilled thought and action. There’s a mentality of pushing hard now to get something over the line without taking into consideration what the result is of this action later on. We as humans need to change this mentality for good of the individuals and the good of the company. No one wants a domino landing on them.

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  1. 1 CJ

    Hey Wade,

    How’s it going?

    I always find it helpful having a concept explained visually. I’m not sure where I stand on the traditional teaching of karma, but I’m totally down with the cause and effect notion. Actions have consequences, that is unquestionable - but will an effect always come back to us? Sometimes we can do something, i.e. buy a cheap pair of shoes made by underpaid Malaysian kids; the consequences here may not rebound on us.

    What do you think?


  2. 2 Wade

    Hi CJ,

    Interesting question you raise. I’d like to know what you think on the topic.

    My take on it is we are all connected on many levels, but in this instance, it’s our connection with the global economy and one people that I see karma hurting.

    As humans, we should be trying to grow/further all of humanity, not just some populations that can afford to exploit others. Underpaying Malaysians keeps them from reaching a certain GDP[1], which is ‘required’ to reach a level of survival and well-being. It also keeps them from being able to invest into their local economy, which stops their national development. Who knows what they could develop that could better the world if we paid them more.

    We are all one people; there is no I, no self, no you, no me. We are all human-beings with different manifestations called consciousness. Hurting what the ego calls other by underpaying, is really hurting ourselves.


    [1]GDP graph/data from

  3. 3 CJ

    Hi Wade,

    Have responed on my blog ( I’d be interested to hear more of what you think, and more importantly, why. It’s this bit in particular:

    We are all one people; there is no I, no self, no you, no me. We are all human-beings with different manifestations called consciousness.

    that I’m trying to make sense of.


  4. 4 Wade

    Hi CJ,

    Thanks for replying. Will check it out. Peace, Wade

  5. 5 Antiks

    It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

    - Chaos Theory

  6. 6 Rickard

    Karma is really interesting. I believe in it in a deeper way though. I think that when ever a person chooses to compromise with his own integrity he weaken his own powers and ability to have things. Example: Someone steals money. Later on he finds himself in economical trouble. Because when he stole the money he knew it was not right, so he wants to get rid of the money as fast as possible. This idea, subconsciously, lingers around in his mind telling him he´s acting wrong with money. And that he needs to spend them. It becomes an idea in his head of him being incapable of keeping money. So, he himself will, in the most curious and subconscious ways, make sure he will lose any money that he make. Either by actual losses or by simply spending them on things that will not give him something valuable in return.

  1. 1 Extinguishing Anger's Fire; Developing Mindfulness to Remove Negative Emotions
  2. 2 A brilliant cartoon about karma | sagesex

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