Free And Custom Mp3 Meditation Chimes/Timer

Below is a list of free MP3 Meditation Chimes for you. If the timer you’re after isn’t below, I’d love to make it for you. To make it, a donation of your choosing, which will be used to ship Free Buddhist Books, along with an e-mail with the details of what you’re after is all that’s required.

May these chimes help with your mindfulness. May all beings be happy.

Free Mp3 Meditation Chimes

Zen Meditation Chimes and Recitations;-

35 Minute Meditation Timer, with Bodhisattva Vows
A chime 30 seconds in, 3 chimes 35 minutes in, ZMM Sangha Chanting Bodhisattva bows (VBR MP3; 37.5 meg)
Heart Sutra
ZMM Sangha chanting the Heart Sutra, and dedication of merit (VBR MP3; 4.6meg)
Bodhisattva Vows
ZMM Sangha chanting the Four Bodhisattva Vows (VBR MP3; 4.1 meg)

[If you like the ZMM Sangha Chants, please buy their practice CD from here]
Non-Sectarian Timers;-
15 Minute Meditation Timer
a chime 30 seconds in, 13 minutes and 30 seconds silence, a soft chime @ 14 minutes, and 3 chimes at the end. (VBR MP3; 5.0 meg)

20 Minute Meditation Timer
a chime 30 seconds in, 18 minutes and 30 seconds silence, a soft chime @ 19 minutes, and 3 chimes at the end. (VBR MP3; 6.5 meg)

A few custom made meditation timer.

26 Responses to “Free And Custom Mp3 Meditation Chimes/Timer”

  1. 1 Jeff

    Awesome! I was looking for something exactly like this. Thanks! Wouldn’t mind having one for 25 or even 30 minutes though…

  2. 2 Wade

    Hi Jeff,

    Please check out;-

    If this doesn’t help/work for you, drop me a mail and I’ll make you a custom timer.



  3. 3 Barbara

    Hi Wade. Thank you very much for the timers. I use the 1 hour one and it’s great.

    When I was on your site last week, I saw a timer that chimes every minute, as an aid to mindfulness, but now I can’t find it any more. Can you help please?

  4. 4 Wade

    Hi Barbara,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Interesting about the timer. I’ve not changed any timers over the last week or two.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the timers.

    If you would like me to make you a custom timer with chimes every minute, or every 5th minute or something, please drop me another comment/e-mail and I will get to it for you. I have the chime files ready to insert at any length.

    May all beings be happy.



  5. 5 Anne-Marie Ross

    Hi there! Your website looks really interesting. I have just started meditation and am finding it difficult to find a timer for a 20 minute meditation session that goes off every five minutes (ie: 4 times). Is there one on your website that I’m just missing, or would it be possible to please point me towards where I might find one?

    Many thanks,

  6. 6 julian

    i was looking for chimes to meditate to. perhaps one that is every 30 seconds or so, is that posible?

  7. 7 Catherine

    Hi Wade,

    I’ve begun practicing a Reiki form that requires a timer that chimes once every minute for 17 minutes - maybe one to start 30 seconds in, then once every minute 17 times after.

    Please let me know if you have suggestions or could put something like this together.

    Thank you so much!


  8. 8 Kimberly

    I very much enjoy the meditations you have posted here, but I fear I am not experienced enough… do you have any resources for a bit more of a guided meditation? (Not a full walking through a forest type) Maybe one that gives more aim to keeping your mind on the silence?

    Thank you for your time. ~Kim

  9. 9 Wade

    @Catherine, your timer’s been made and sent to you offline. I hope you enjoy it.

    @Kim, please check out my Recommended Links section. There’s a section in there on guided meditations. Hope they help.

    May all beings be happy.



  10. 10 ChrisF

    I live in a noisy area and so listen to my MP3 player while meditating to try not to be distracted. I listen to one of two small (15 minutes or so each) files of either sea scape sounds (water rushing as waves break on the beach) or nature sounds (wind blowing through the trees, birds cirping, a trickling stream). I got both from the online music service eMusic,

  11. 11 Darrell King

    I’m actually looking for an MP3 that I can run in a loop and it will sound every 2-5 minutes or so. The shorter length is for sitting while the longer one works better for me during Yoga. Seems like there should be something like this out there already?


  12. 12 Roger Nehring

    Thank you Wade this is very generous of you.

  13. 13 jasballz

    you have done the world a great service! Please think about linking to my webpage and helping Linnux for Buddhists.

    May your practice liberate all beings!
    17169041291 cell or email.

  14. 14 RAKESH

    thx sir…….

  15. 15 Jim


    Is it possible to send/post the Reiki meditation file (which chimes once a minute) that Catherine had received?



  16. 16 Wade

    Hi Jim,

    Sure! I’ll send you the link now.



  17. 17 Tony Button

    Hi, Wade,

    Greetings from Sydney. I have been practising Mindfulness of Breathing and would really appreciate a timer which sounds at 6, 12 and 18 minutes with a final 3 chimes at 24 minutes. Could you produce an MP3 to do this ? I’d be very happy to make a donation to cover costs. Thanks for your help.

  18. 18 Wade

    Hi Tony. Yes, I’d be very happy to make your timer for you. I’ll contact you out of band soon with how/where to download it from.

    Say hi to Sydney for me!



  19. 19 Jerry

    Wade? Are you there?

  20. 20 Jerry

    Wade? Are you gone forever? Is nothing left but the silence?

    Ah, well. One could do worse than rest in silence.

  21. 21 gardeniabee

    Thank you for your thoughtful gift of timers of various types and with lovely chimes. I like the non-denomination options. I plan to use the 15, 20,30, and 50 minute timers with the simple introductory and closing chimes. This will help my personal meditation and our new meditation group as well.

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  23. 23 Renee


    A thousand thanks for these timers. Believe I’ve found your current site.

    Peace and grace,


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