Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts: They become your words.
Watch your words: They become your actions.
Watch your actions: They become your habits.
Watch your habits: They become your character.
Watch your character: It becomes your destiny.

(randomly e-mailed to me from Change your Mind, Change the World. A message that needs to be shared.)

EDIT:Originally by Frank Outlaw, Thanks Beth
EDIT:It appears that no one really knows who came up with this. I’m with JD, it’s what the message is point to which is most important here.

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  1. 1 Beth Handewith Gould

    I find this poem attributed to Frank Outlaw on three other sites.

  2. 2 Beth Ciborowski

    Hello, Frank Outlaw is a play on words for outright thief. He did not write this message, I did. I did not assign the name someone else did. I wanted it to stay anonymous because I was reading from “The Teaching of Buddha” the day it was written. Refer to page 330 in the book- One of the first statements is “Right thought”. I wrote this in 1993 on a onelist group when they were fighting and wishing terrible things towards others. This was written from inspiration and I had no right to claim it as my own. However, no one else should either.

  3. 3 Christian A

    Dear Beth

    These words where written some years before 1993. Have you ever heard of “The Talmud”…

  4. 4 JD Satter

    I was looking for the author’s name to this very wise pointer. I seemed to recall that it was some 3,000 years old, came out of the East, but can not remember the name. What a surprise, though not really knowing the human condition, that someone other than the original author would put his name to it. It would be good to acknowledge the true author and yet it really is of only matter. The truth lies in the direction of the words that are used to point to that direction and the author, simply the messenger.

  5. 5 Christopher Billows

    It is an example of folk spirituality and the origin does not really matter. After all, would you ask for the name, height, weight, and hair color of the archer who has shot you with an arrow? It just needs to be practiced just as the arrow needs to be removed.

    While I personally subscribe to the theory of thoughts lead to destiny, I would like to add my own spin that a destiny that is well-executed (for better or for worse) will also affect others:

    A powerful destiny will affect the character of others.
    A powerful character will affect the habits of others.
    A powerful habit will affect the actions of others.
    A powerful action will affect the words of others.
    A powerful word will affect the thoughts of others.

  6. 6 Linda Armstrong -

    This is from The Upanishads - The most ancient Hindu scripture

  7. 7 katie lucky bouvier

    i like this because it is true. i love it, it is what keeps me going trying to watch what and how i say thing to people…… great….!!!!!!

  8. 8 katie lucky bouvier

    will you should not be fighting on who wrote this, who ever did had a great mind, this should always be remembered. this is a great why to let kids no this. i hope other people read this and see something out of it the way i did. no matter who said or wrote it first or last they should just spread the word around.

  9. 9 Beth Ciborowski

    The words are a wonderful message. Now in my version which I painstakingly tried to make anonymous because I felt it was from another source had the word “for” in it. “Watch your thoughts,for they become words”. As I said previously it was inspired. Think though- and this is why I attribute it to my reading Buddha that day- For they become words. It is in reference to forethought. It was a play with the spelling to see how many would think it through. A young girl was raped and beaten and every body was angry. They were planning all sorts of terrible things and saying it was highly racially motivated. I wanted the group I was in to stop being angry and think before they plunged on in. So yes, the fact that all who question the poem point to another religious book makes my heart soar.Be safe and inspired all :)

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