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This blog was created as a vehicle to begin discussions and communicating personal understandings of practices and studies. The content is based around Buddhism. There’s no specific school of thought, but the underlying Buddha-dharma, seen everywhere,— that operates here

There are many sources of inspiration, input, and influence for The Middle Way, both on and offline. Online, the blogroll contains links to teachers and friends. Offline sources include Siddhartha Gautama - The Historical Buddha, Thich Nhat Hanh, Great Master Dogen, Ken Wilber, Amber Star, Gil Fronsdal, Michael McAlister, Jack Kornfield, John Daido Loori, Fire Lotus Temple, Juken, Dan Belsky, His Teachers, Family, Friends, Partners and life in all the 6 realms— —Thus we all bow to Buddha.

About The Middle Way
The Middle Way is the path of the Buddha. It sees Buddha-Dharma in All things. It is All Sects. This should be the direct path the practitioner follows. In this way, truth is neither day or night, it is both.*

Supporting The Middle Way

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*To be followed up with more detailed analysis